Sentencing Hearing Updates

29 Jul

John and I have just returned from spending some time in Chattanooga. It was our plan to attend the sentencing hearing July 15. We did learn prior to heading out for Chattanooga there would be a delay. While there I was able to communicate with the DA regarding the delay, the process, etc.
In a simple nutshell, if anything can be simple, the new hearing date is September 9 and should go. Before the sentencing hearing can take place a “Presentencing Hearing Document” needs to be filed. As of July 15 the report had yet to be finalized and filed. The DA explained it’s the State Probation/Parole that has to file the report and sometimes it takes a while to get all the information.
So in the meantime, unless something else changes, we look to September 9 for the new date.
It is a very long and complicated process and this is just the easiest way to explain it.
I just wanted to provide a brief update and again thank you for your phone calls, emails and texts and your prayers!
As things progress and develop I will definitely keep you all posted.



One Response to “Sentencing Hearing Updates”

  1. Marye Anne Sibold July 29, 2013 at 11:12 pm #

    Love you and wish you would call so we can have lunch when you are in Chatt. sometime. MAMS

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